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Transition to Digital TV - Are You Ready?

Congress just delayed the transition from analog to digital TV for an extra 180 days. Do you know what the D-TV Transition is? Do you know what to do? Don't be left in the dark. If you don't haven cable or sattelite TV and you do not have a digital TV set, you will not be able to see TV.

Don't have cable, sattelite or a digital TV set? You will need a digital converter box. Get one now! You may even qualify for a $40 cupon from the government.


This message is to start the Student Affairs Committee group messaging ariound tghe planning for the Encuentro in 2010. I hope all the members of the Committee will join.Ron

ASPIRA's National Board Blog

Hope you are having a great weekend. We have created a Board Group thorugh which we can blog. I have invited all the members of the board to subscibe. I am happy thet three people have already joined, ou Chair, Rafaela Colon (PA) and Sonia Sanchez (IL). I hope to subscibe everybody so we can start blogging. It will take some attempts until you become familiar with the system, but its worth it. As soon as I learn how to create a calendar for the board (and ASPIRA events) I will let you know, and I will let you know how to access it. Hope to comunicatre with you soon. Ron