Social Movements-Not a Thing of the Past

The power of grassroots campaigns and movements was instrumental in Obama's Presidential bid. They aided him in becoming our nation's first African-American president.  American History is based on Social Movements. Think back to the Boston Tea Party or Women's suffrage, Segregation and even our modern day peer-to-peer lending to strangers on the internet.  Social Movements are not a thing of the past. People caring about other people is the sole reason that Social Movements work.  Common ideas shape the course of the future if enough people are moved by the cause.
People are everywhere; in your house, your work, your leisurely time, and even your government is run by people too. How does a business and your government work together to get involved in your everyday happiness? It starts by one idea that evolves into a way of being which is beneficial to you, your neighbors, your friends and family, and expands to the well being of the citizens that make up this country. All it takes is one person to reach to their immediate neighbor who in turn tells their friends that motivate their friends to join the cause. It's a beautiful cycle that is shaped by inertia-an idea in rest tends to stay at rest unless that idea is moved by another source. Imagine yourself being one of the pieces that makes a social idea into a movement.
Companies like are using the internet and social media to give Latino consumers the power that only large lending institutions are able to give. By creating bargaining power though bundled assets like home mortgages, student and car loans and credit card debt for the Latino community this company has started a social movement directed at Latinos in the USA. Like the social movements of the past, this one is generating talk amongst Latinos. They are fighting to unite and strengthen the Latino community to become smarter citizens and leaders of the community at large. 
Are you talking to your friends about companies that empower you? Recuerden: La Union Hace la Fuerza!