The ASPIRA Youth Development Model


The purpose of the project is to expand ASPIRA's Youth Leadership Development Model as a tool for combating juvenile delinquency by addressing risk and protective factors through the ASPIRA Youth-Leadership Curriculum. Moreover, the project will demonstrate the efficacy of ASPIRA's leadership model by evaluating the principles of the model through a research-based approach.


Through this Federal grant, the Program expects to: a) significantly expand its youth-development and leadership model through various ASPIRA Clubs in schools and community settings in low-income, inner-city and mostly Latino communities where ASPIRA has offices; and b) document the effectiveness and efficiency of the model through a rigorous, evaluative process.


The scope of work described herein supports the underlying principals of ASPIRA's original proposal to the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP) in the Department of Justice. The program will implement the ASPIRA leadership curriculum in specific school settings in each of the seven ASPIRA Associates, nationwide. The program will be offered as a continuous program where students will participate for a total of three years, starting as either high school freshmen or sophomores through their junior and senior years.


To learn more about this project please open the attached project document.