Community Technology Center (English)

The ASPIRA CTC's offer a number of workshops open to students, parents and the community in general. The core curriculum of the CTC's is composed of the folowing workshops:

  • Introduction to Windows;
  • Fundamentals of Word Processing - Microsoft Word
  • Introduction to Spread Sheets - Microsoft Excel
  • Fundamentals of Desktop Presentations - Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Navigating the Web
  • E-mail Fundamentals

Self-paced tutorial manuals for each of the above workshops are available through the courses page.
Each center has 25 networked, Internet-connected computers with Microsoft Office Suite in an open, safe, well lit, inviting environment, that has a reference library, interactive educational CD-ROM and other technology materials.

They will operate Mon.-Thu, from noon to 9:00pm, Fridays from noon to 6:00pm, and all day Saturday. Typically, at noon, groups of pre-school and young children arrive and play computer games, explore the Internet, or do homework or school projects. By 3:30pm, groups of middle and high school students begin doing homework or school projects, receive tutoring, develop web pages, engage in math and science enrichment, or access information on colleges and financial aid with Internet and CD-ROMs.
At 6:30pm, groups of adults begin taking one-hour workshops on word processing, spreadsheets and the Internet. Then, one group starts looking for educational opportunities; another works with their children; another takes an ESL or basic education class; another looks for jobs, writes resumes, or seeks business opportunities; and still another is communicates with others through e-mail. The same pattern is followed on Saturdays. Parents can then take home a laptop to further explore at home.
For specific workshops and activities schedule please contact your nearest ASPIRA CTC.