As we move into the new millennium ASPIRA is implementing initiatives to help our community members, specially our youngsters and their parents, to better position themselves in this digital era. One of the new initiatives is related to bridging the digital divide, not only between the haves and have not, but also between parents and children. This electronic toolkit presents the core curriculum for ASPIRA's Community Technology Center (CTC). The courses are designed to develop a basic understanding of the most common productivity tools. This is a dynamic site, lessons will be added as necessary responding to the needs of our trainees and our community.
If you need additional information or have suggestions on how to improve our services and curriculum please call John Villamil-Casanova, Executive Vice President at (202) 835-3600 ext. 123 or Marco Antonio Villafane, Director of Technology at (202)-835-3600 ext.146
ASPIRA CTC Workshops
The following links provide access to the ASPIRA CTC workshops lessons. These courses were designed to provide a step-by-step instruction on each one of the topics. Click on any of the following links to access a .pdf (Adobe Acrobat Reader) file of the desired workshop (a fast Internet connection is required.)