Introduction to Investing

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Hispanics are the largest, youngest, and fastest growing minority group in the nation. With more than 44 million (including Puerto Rico), Hispanics are the second largest segment of the U.S. labor force. Business leaders throughout the country have begun to notice that Latinos, once regarded as predominantly having lower income, are fast becoming the nation’s largest population segment, with the extraordinary potential of also becoming one of its most affluent. Our community has spending power into the trillion-dollar range. It is marked by its diversity and youth. Its work ethic, combined with its sheer numbers, means Latinos could have the power to influence the entire U.S. economy in the coming years.

In order to reach the full potential of our collective capabilities, we need to become more knowledgeable in managing our finances and increase our entrepreneurship abilities.

This program was developed to introduce our community members to the world of investing. The information included is meant to teach and guide you, to start you off in the right track. It is neither a comprehensive training program nor a highly technical training. It is the beginning of a journey.

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