News and Resources

  • Drivers need to be aware about the Point System in their respective State, which can cost them to lose the privilege of holding a license. To learn about the District of Columbia Point System click here.
  • New research suggests that middle school children access alcohol at home instead of at public settings. More
  • Underage drinking research demonstrates why youth are often involved in automobile crashes very frequently. More
  • Learn why minority children are at higher risk of air bag related injuries. More
  • Learn more about child car seats and how to install them correctly. More
  • Visit Kids Health to become acquainted with the road rules when bike riding.
  • Pedestrian injuries continue to be the second leading cause of injury related death among children 5 to 14 years of age. More
  • The National Center for Safe Routes to School offers a variety of resources on pedestrian and bicycle safety.
  • The NHTSA Walk and Bike Safely curriculum is designed specifically for use by teachers and volunteers working with adult immigrants who are beginning English language learners.  It consists of a teacher's guide, a student workbook, and two audio segments for student practice. More