S.1642 Higher Education Amendments of 2007

Title: A bill to extend the authorization of programs under the Higher Education Act of 1965, and for other purposes.
Sponsor: Sen Kennedy, Edward M. [D-MA] (introduced 6/18/2007)      Cosponsors (10)
Latest Major Action: 7/26/2007 Held at the desk.
Highlights: Provides that critical foreign languages are those contained on the list designated by the Secretary of Education in the Federal Register on August 5, 1985, but allows the Secretary to set language priorities according to the purposes of a specific program and national security, economic competitiveness, and educational needs.Requires title IV-eligible Institutes of Higher Education (IHEs) that provide teacher training to set annual quantifiable goals for: (1) increasing the number of prospective teachers trained in teacher shortage areas; and (2) linking the training they provide more closely with the needs of schools and the instructional decisions new teachers face in the classroom. Directs such IHEs to publicly report on their performance toward such goals. Revises and reauthorizes HEA requirements for Hispanic-serving institutions (HSIs) under title V (Developing Institutions).Establishes the Mathematics and Science Scholars program, providing competitive matching grants to states for scholarships to first and second year college students who complete a rigorous secondary school curriculum in mathematics and science.

Grant availability: Authorizes the Secretary to award competitive five-year grants to partnerships of high-need local educational agencies (LEAs), high-need schools, and IHEs for use in carrying out a pre-baccalaureate teacher preparation program, a teaching residency program, or both. Allows partnerships to use grant funds to partner with television public broadcast stations to improve the quality of pre-baccalaureate teacher preparation programs.


ASPIRA Policy Position

ASPIRA supports extending the authorization for the programs included in the measure, including increasing the teaching workforce, continued support of HSIs and scholarships for math and science education, among others.