Short-Term and Long-Term Investments Options

Coffee Cup with Dollar SignThere are a variety of different types of investments available today... there are short-term investments, long-term investments, and as many different investment strategies as there are investors. If you find yourself a bit overwhelmed by the prospect of investing and are unsure of whether you should invest in short-term or long-term plans, don't let yourself get bent out of shape.

By simply taking the time to compare the benefits and drawbacks of both short-term and long-term investments, you can determine which type is best for you and your current financial needs. Remember, your first step should be defining your financial goals, and then you will be able to decide what investment strategies will better support your goals.

In this module in addition to providing you with the drawbacks and advantages of short- and long-term investments, we will provide you with pertinent information that can assist you in making decisions about your finances... both for now, and in the future.

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