Unit 07. Career Awareness

Course Description:

The word "career" has a scary sound to it when you are still in school. Careers are for college graduates or those who have been in the work force for years. When adults asks kids what they want to do as a career. But there are more than 40,000 jobs titles a person ca hold. We tell kids to pick a path first. When you exit high school, there are three paths you can take. One is to the work force, one leads to the military as a career or as a stepping stone. The third leads to more education, a professional degree, a four-year degree, or a two year degree. They have to determine which path will take. This section will show participants how they can begin to explore their interests and school subjects related to what they like to do in a future career.


Participants will become familiar with career research and paths to careers. They will also apply their decision-making skills to career selection.

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Additional Instructional Resources:

Life Inc. Recently, the Deloitte Foundation teamed with Neale Godfrey, author of LIFE, Inc.: The Ultimate Career Guide for Young People to provide her book, student journal, teacher's guide, companion website and other valuable tools to help middle and high school students begin thinking about possible careers. LIFE, Inc.: The Ultimate Career Guide for Young People provides creative ways for students to begin thinking about future careers. The associated website encourages young people to examine their likes/dislikes and talents in innovative and interactive ways. Techniques of gaming and assessments are some of the tools utilized. The LIFE, Inc. curriculum consists of the: Career Guide, Student Journal, Teacher's Guide and supplemental website.




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